SC Rewind: Picture Parade

SC Rewind - Picture Parade

To close out November,  Robert Smith has put together a collection of old photographs for the monthly Picture Parade feature.  This time around he has not chosen a central theme but rather chosen the title "From The Scrapbook" for today's group of photos.  This collage includes various locations,  time periods and subjects for your viewing and perhaps guessing pleasure.   

Picture Parade

#1 - Who is this fine looking gentleman from yesteryears?

Picture Parade

#2 - Who are these three chaps? I need the help of the audience to identify the fellow on the far right as I do not have a name for him.  Thanks in advance.  

Picture Parade

#3 - Who can tell us what is happening in this old picture? 

Picture Parade

#4 - Who is this fellow piloting No. 8? The background tells us it was taken at Yonkers Raceway. 

Picture Parade

#5 - Looks like this fellow may have been driving on a muddy track when this was taken.  Who is he? 

Picture Parade

#6 - Any guesses on who these three fellows might be? Let us know who you think they are.  

Picture Parade

#7 - Let's make this a multiple choice question as to what general area of the country it was taken.  You have three possibilities.  I don't have any identities. I love those plaid blankets! 

a) - Western Canada 
b) - Quebec 
c) - Maritimes 

Picture Parade

#8 - These three fellows were pretty busy working at a sale when this picture was taken.  Thankfully they paused long enough to get their picture taken.  Who are they? 

Picture Parade

#9 - This is one of the "newest" of today's collection.  Can you identify the two gents with pretty much identical driving suits? (Abahazy Photo collection - courtesy of Don Daniels) 

Picture Parade

#10 - His man wasn't always pictured in a driver's suit but he did fill quite a few roles in the sport.  Can you correctly identify him? 

Quote For The Week: "When you follow your father into politics you inherit half of his friends and all of his enemies." -  Quote used by George Bush Jr. 

Bonus Photo 

Bonus question

Who is this gentleman who left us not too long ago? 


The correct answers to this week's Picture Parade photos are shown below :

# 1 - The late (2019) Gerry Nelson the pride and joy of Truro, N.S. who later went to the U.S.
# 2 - From left to right - Herve Filion, Yonkers Pres. Tim Rooney and Del Insko (I believe as stated by our experts)
# 3 - That is the betting area taken at Rodney Ont. Fair quite a few years ago. I wonder what the handle was that day?
# 4 - Driver was Joe Marsh Jr. of Ohio
# 5 - A muddy Roger White at Blue Bonnets
# 6 - Three Loyens brothers from London ( l-r) Bill, Frank and Harry (I hope I'm right in the order)
# 7 - That picture was taken in the Maritimes, I believe in Nova Scotia perhaps during ice racing.
# 8 - Tom Caldwell auctioneer, Brian Webster, sale organizer and Dr. Glen Brown pedigree reader at an early sale
# 9 - The men in blue and white were Greg Wright Sr. and his trainer Jerry Moffat
# 10 - Gord "Duke" Sherwin of Baltimore

Bonus picture is the late Real "Coco " Cormier

Thanks folks, it wouldn't be any fun without your answers!

I believe that Picture 5 might be Keith Quinlan a regular driver at Barrie Raceway in the 70's and 80's

#2 guy on right is Del Insko. Guy in middle is Kate and Rooney Mara's grandfather

#2 - Fellow on right is Del Insko
#4- Driver on 8 looks like Joe Marsh Jr, with driver on 4 horse is Ted Wing
Bonus Photo - Real (Coco) Cormier
Howard Gluck

2 Herve, Tim Rooney, Loosh?3 Checking the odds board 4 Butch Dokey, Ted Wing 5 Roger White 7 Maritimes 9 Greg Wright, Jerry Moffat 10 Duke Sherwin

1- ???
2-herve fillion, ???, Dell insco
3- bookie betten
3- joe marsh jr
4- roger white
5- bill, Frank, harry loin
7-bill Coldswell, bryan Webster and dr glen brown
8- greg wright and jerry Moffat

#1 ?
#2 Herve Fillion
#3 taking bets
#4 Merrit Dokey
#5 ?
#6 ?
#7 Western Canada
#8 Tom Caldwell Brian Webster Glenn Brown
#9 Greg Wright
#10 Jack Kenny
Bonus Photo ?

#2 on Left Herve Filion
#3 Betting watching the manual odds board
#4 Keith Waples
#6 Middle Rodger Hie
#7 Quebec
#10 Gord Sherwin